Cosmos Vibration


Cosmos vibration its a project from Argentina composed by Ale, electronic music producer. The year which began his project was in 2005, after hearing psytrance music in some festivals around Brasil which led him to enter into the world of electronic production of psytrance, taking inspiration from all psychedelic experiences.

From there he began playing his music at festivals around Argentina, Brazil , Chile, Hungary , Swiss , Greece , Lithuania , and others. His style is defined by gothic atmospheres and sounds with bright melodies, twisted harmonic leads , generating an inner journey ,inviting the cosmic dance, and the awakening of consciousness.

In his career was gaining recognition and is one of the most recognized artists in Argentina and now is expanding his music in Europe, also with his other project Heterogenesis, having very good repercussions there , In 2014 is confirmed his presence in Europe at festivals like Spirit base on Hungary and Summer never ends in Swiss.

In 2011 he released his first album under the label Ovnimoon records, called Unknown Universe ; and his second album, called Fragments of eternity , was released in 2012 under the label Rizoma records and its available now on beatspace , beatport, and other sites ; also released his music in various compilations